The system is down
Well, my computer has crashed to the ground three or four more times. If I didn't love what computers do so much I'd hate 'em. Sorry I haven't been around. I've got (more) parts on order, so hopefully I can get this thing up and stable. Then I can finally get started on new products again!

Wouldn't that be nice.

Since my computer was spiraled into the ground anyhow, I took the time to move my assorted workspace paraphernalia into the spare room. So now I have an actual office/workspace. I think this division, albeit mostly symbolic, will help me get more work done.

-from my work PC...signing off!
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Hair Fair

I've got a new style up at Hair Fair, it's a pony tail for us guys. It's in the Calla booth, and big thanks to Haedon and Tigerlily for the space!
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Fall down go boom

So, I finally got the computer I design on finished upgrading, but I also lost all the data on my hard drive. What this means is all the projects I was working on, as well as all my templates...are gone.

So, all the new stuff I've been working on is gone, and it's gonna take me a little bit to get the pipeline flowing again.

Sorry folks!
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Blog Rollin'
Isabella Lazarno of the Aspire Fashion Blog dropped me a line to let me know she had blogged the Brown Leather Highwayman Jacket that's at the store for the SL Relay for Life.

Nifty nifty nifty! I'm glad to be able to help with a great cause.

Aspire! Linky Dink!
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Ben there, done that

Ben, of fame does these great "Outfit of the day" blog posts. It's cool to see how different designers stuff works together.

The latest post

features my Gearhead Hair, the Double Clutch style. Very cool stuff!

Also, that quilted vest from Last Call is awesome.
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Kicking cancer in the jibblies.

The New Highwayman leather jackets in Brown that are available for a $200L donation to the Relay for Life are at the entrance to the chop shop now, so they're easier to find. The updated SLURL is

If you stopped by yesterday and weren't able to find them, my apologies.
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Be a badass against cancer!

I've done the Highwayman in Brown, and it's available in the main store for a donation of $200L to the Secondlife Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society!

Come by the chopshop and kick cancers ass!
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